Private Equity or IPO? Potential Benefits and Challenges

Frederick Baerenz will walk you through the potential benefits, challenges, and misconceptions about investing in Private Equity.

— Frederick Baerenz, President & CEO of AOG Wealth ManagementRESTON, VIRGINIA, USA, July 20, 2023/ — The success rate of new businesses after five years of operation is very low. When investors approach me for advice about making a private investment, I teasingly encourage them to seal the check envelope with a kiss because they are probably “kissing their money goodbye,” never to return.

Frederick Baerenz, President and CEO AOG Wealth Management

Almost every investor I meet has a story of investing with a friend or relative in a “start-up” company that had an interesting premise but, for some reason, failed to perform.”

However, with advancing technology and delivery vehicles, it has never been easier for ordinary investors to access private markets, investing in companies with significant infrastructure and revenues. The ability to diversify among many companies, long the exclusive province of Accredited Investors, Qualified Purchasers, and Ultra High Net Worth Investors, is now being democratized. Learn why Private Equity is accessible to more investors and can provide an important growth diversification element to a portfolio seeking an appropriate risk-adjusted return. 

Defined by the rules promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933. Individuals may qualify as accredited investors based on wealth and income thresholds, as well as other measures of financial sophistication.